Termite Control Services

Each year, termites cause extensive damage to homes and commercial buildings. These insects live in underground colonies and you may never notice them until it’s too late! Here are a few facts about this pesky bug and how to protect your property.


Termite Colonies

Every Colony consists of a king and queen, workers, soldiers, winged and supplementary reproductive termites. All members play pivotal roles to ensure the colony thrives.


Termite Control & Prevention

Prevention is the key to protecting your property. This is especially essential when you’re in the process of building a new home. Ask your contractor to follow these guidelines:

  • Leave space between soil and any wooden portions of the house. This makes the termites easier to find.
  • Remove wooden debris including roots and stumps before completing the house.
  • Decrease moisture levels by utilizing ventilation techniques. Also, ensure that water sources such as gutters and pipes are properly installed and repaired.
  • Talk with your contractor to discuss other preventative measures.

Termite Inspection

Get a reputable pest control company like Mayfield Brothers Pest Control to inspect your home. In fact, we’ll do it at no charge! Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.